Several years ago, the seeds of Sage Center were planted when Angela and Pegge began a lighthearted conversation about each of their dreams of creating the ideal counseling center. The more they talked, the more they realized a shared vision: to create a safe space in which to support clients in facing challenges and overcoming obstacles; a place where those seeking help could find hope and strength in order to become who they wished or never knew they could be; a place where seasoned counselors not only provide support for clients but also create a nurturing environment in which to guide and mentor beginning counselors; a place where all types of helping professionals thrive together in a spirit of collaboration, sharing the techniques and philosophies of their disciplines toward a common goal of helping others; a place where the values and standards of the counseling profession are embraced and the process of assisting others on their journeys is honored with integrity.

Over the years the dialogue about their hopes and dreams continued, creating the conditions ripe for change, until one pivotal conversation, when Angela looked at Pegge and said, "Why 'one day'...why not now?" The energy in the room became intense, full...alive! At that moment, they both realized that the seed had sprouted. From that day forward, Sage Center was no longer a dream but a reality in the making.

Welcome to Sage Center - we hope you will find the peace, contentment, and prosperity you deserve.

The Mission of the Sage Center is to promote comprehensive wellness in the community by providing quality support services through counseling, consultation, education, and mentorship to individuals, professionals and organizations. Sage Center is committed to serving with integrity, compassion and respect in a balanced and collaborative environment.

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